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Advantages of using a dental suction unit.

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Advantages of using a dental suction unit.

Dental suction unit is becoming more and more popular, so do you know the advantages of using a dental suction unit?This article introduces the advantages of using a dental suction unit .

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.Uses of dental suction unit

2.Functions of dental suction unit:

3.Advantages of dental suction unit


Dental suction unit is used to suck away the contents of hemorrhage, exudate, pus, chest viscera in the operation, so that the operation is clear, reduce the chance of contamination.Let's see what dental suction unit is used for.


1.uses of dental suction unit:

The dental suction unit commonly used in hospitals is now widely used in many hospitals.Dental suction unit forms a negative pressure through the central pumping station, and is connected to each hospital bed unit and the operating room through the closed dental suction unit pipe, maintaining a constant negative pressure for 24 hours.

It is mainly used for

(1)dental suction unit through the negative pressure bottle to store and remove;

(2)attract scraper;Through the negative pressure tube and the tubular knife, complete scraping the negative pressure bottle to collect the excluded;

(3)Fetal dental suction unit;

(4)Oral dental suction unit.


2.Functions of dental suction unit

As an important device on the dental treatment chair,  dental suction unit can not only timely absorb the saliva and water mist from the patient's mouth, but also assist the doctor to push the tongue body, to avoid the injury caused by high-speed mobile phone and other instruments to the patient's oral mucosa, providing a clear and dry environment for treatment.

(1) in order not to interfere with the surgical field of vision,  dental suction unit can water mist, powder and saliva should be absorbed to keep the diagnosis and treatment site clear.

(2) Dental suction unit can eliminate the discomfort of water mist, powder and saliva to the patient.

(3) Dental suction unit can reduce the damage of high-speed mobile phones and other devices to oral soft tissue, and ensure the operating space in the mouth.

(4) Dental suction unit can maintain the cleanliness of the consultation room and protect the environment


3.Advantages of dental suction unit

(1)Centralization of dental suction unit

With the improvement of people's living standard, the requirement of health also is increasing day by day, hospital beds also keeps increasing, the demand for the use of the dental suction unit is improved significantly, if still use previous independent electric dental suction unit is clearly on the costs and benefits are not wise, as a result, large hospitals generally adopts centralized control center of negative pressure to solve the problem.

(2)Intelligentization of dental suction unit

In the electric dental suction unit, make full use of the advantage of "electricity", emerge a batch of intelligent medical dental suction unit controlled by single chip microcomputer.Such as electric gastric lavage machine, is a set of positive pressure, negative pressure in one of the intelligent control equipment, through the control of the microcontroller procedures, complete a series of washing, absorbing function, convenient for the work of medical staff, improve efficiency, reduce errors.

(3)Miniaturization of dental suction unit

Compared with the conventional medical aid in fixed places, a portable and convenient dental suction unit is needed in the first aid occasions such as battlefield and disaster relief or in the outdoor occasions for temporary use.Therefore, in recent years, there have been manual or foot trample through the generation of negative pressure suction, manual suction and foot suction.Because of its small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy to operate, dental suction unit can be used without power supply. Therefore, it is especially used in remote areas without power supply, rural health centers, home care, field first aid and power failure.

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