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Osakadental is Focus on Dental handpiece, Dental chair, Rotary files, Orthodontic and Disposable since 2011. Our Dental handpieces Already Obtained the TUV CE and ISO13485:2006 certificate, While the Dental chair, Endodontic instrument, Air compressor, Burs, and Oral camera monitor, and the light curing has also obtained the CE declaration. In addition, most of the products we provide are strictly tested before leaving the Factory.

Dental Handpiece

Dental handpiece is a basic medical equipment in stomatology. It is mostly used for drilling and cutting of dental bodies, repairing and polishing of prostheses, etc. It can also be used in periodontal surgery and alveolar surgery. It has special design technology with functional reliability and durability and has obtained ce certificate and declaration of conformity. 

Our dental handpiece uses stainless steel and titanium alloy plating body. On the one hand, the weight of the dental handpiece is greatly reduced. On the other hand, the ergonomic hand comfort has also been greatly enhanced. The head of dental handpiece is composed of bearings, wind wheels and mandrels. There are two miniature bearings on the head, and the outer ring of the bearing is equipped with an o-shaped rubber ring to maintain radial and concentricity and reduce working noise and vibration. The machine head uses a cleaning head system, which is a special mechanism designed to automatically prevent oral liquids and other contaminants from entering the machine head, thereby extending the life of the bearing. 

We mainly provide dental handpiece products: high speed dental handpiece, low speed dental handpiece, dental handpiece set, electric red contra angledental handpiece , implant contra angle dental handpiece etc.

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