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The following are the most frequently asked questions about braces and orthodontic care. If you have additional questions, please ask your dentist, or contact the Center

  • Will I need to wear a retainer?

    Yes! Retainers keep your teeth straight after the braces come off. Without them your teeth will move and the entire treatment could be jeopardized. Typically, retainers are recommended "for life."

  • Should I see my general dentist while I have braces?

    Absolutely, you should continue to see your general dentist at least every six months for cleanings and dental checkups. 
  • Why do some people wear rubber bands?

    The rubber bands are used to move teeth forward, backward, and/or up and down. If rubber bands are recommended for you and you don't wear them, it could lengthen your treatment time. 
  • What happens if a bracket does come off?

    This is typically not an emergency that needs immediate care. In this instance, clean around the loose bracket(s), or remove it from the wire. The orthodontist will attach another one. 
  • What foods should I avoid?

    Stay away from hard, sticky, gooey or crunchy foods. If food is too hard, it could cause some of your braces to loosen, bend or break. Hard, nutritious food like vegetables and fruits should be cut and sectioned before eating.
  • Can I still chew gum with braces?

    Gum is not a good idea during orthodontic treatment because it can stick to your braces. In addition, the sugar in most gums can cause cavities. However, ask your orthodontist if non-stick, sugar free gum is an option. 

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