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Attention for the use of dental suction unit

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Attention for the use of dental suction unit

As an important device on dental treatment chair, dental suction unit can not only timely absorb the saliva and water mist in the mouth of patients, but also assist the doctor to push the tongue body to avoid the injury caused by high-speed mobile phone and other instruments to the oral mucosa of patients, providing a clear and dry environment for treatment.There are many things to note when using dental suction unit, and this article will draw your attention for the use of dental suction unit.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Principles of using dental suction unit

  • Attention for the use of dental suction unit


    1. Principles of using dental suction unit

(1) keep patients in comfortable supine position during treatment, and avoid touching sensitive parts such as the throat and throat of patients with the head of dental suction unit. For example, if choking, nausea and other reactions occur, the left hand should be raised to signal the doctor or nurse to stop operation.

(2) try to get as close to the affected tooth as possible while avoiding the edge of the tooth.

(3) master the placement position and operation essentials during the attraction to avoid interfering with the doctor's working area.For example, when the maxillary molar area was treated, the dental suction unit should be placed near the maxillary nodules."When the lower jaw molar area is treated, the dental suction unit should be placed near the lingual space of the molar.

(4) gently move to avoid sticking to the mucous membrane and attracting a site for a long time. 


2. Attention for the use of dental suction unit

1.The power supply of dental suction unit must be reliably grounded.

2, according to the clockwise direction of the negative pressure control valve, with the fingers or the eyedropper rubber head to block the suction mouth, or fold and pinch the suction soft pipe.Open the dental suction unit switch.When the machine is running, the pointer on the vacuum gauge will rise rapidly to the ultimate negative pressure value.Release the suction, the needle will return below 0.02mpa.The above conditions indicate that the pipeline is connected correctly.

3. Plug the suction inlet, open the dental suction unit switch, and adjust the negative pressure regulating valve (negative pressure regulating valve rotates clockwise to increase the negative pressure) to control the negative pressure value required for suction. The degree of vacuum gauge should change within the range of 0.02mpa ~ limit negative pressure value.

4. Before closing the dental suction unit, the negative pressure must be reduced to below 0.02mpa.

5. Always pay attention to the height of liquid level in the liquid bottle during use of dental suction unit, visually check the height of liquid level in the liquid storage bottle, and timely empty the bottle.

6. When the dental suction unit is not used, it should be placed in a dry and clean place, and regularly (generally half a year) start up and operate once.

7. If the air filter inhales foam or is filled with dust, it will cause the filter membrane to turn black from shallow, the suction force will obviously reduce or disappear, and the negative pressure on the vacuum gauge will continuously rise to more than 0.04mpa, the air filter should be replaced in time.

8. Air filters need to be replaced frequently and destroyed centrally.

9. Before oil injection and oil change of dental suction unit, the power supply must be disconnected by professionals.

When using dental suction unit, must follow the operation rules, do a good job in maintenance, extend the service life of dental suction unit, if you need dental suction unit, remember to consider our company.

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