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Classification of dental handpiece.

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Classification of dental handpiece.

Dental handpiece plays an important role in medical treatment and is an indispensable part of medical field. This article will introduce the classifications of dental handpiece.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.Classifications of dental handpiece

2.High-speed dental handpiece

3.Low-speed dental handpiece


Dental handpiece has become an indispensable tool for oral clinical work, it can clamp the car needle to complete the dental drilling, grinding, cutting, cutting and repair of the body, etc., often used with comprehensive treatment equipment.

1.Classification of dental handpiece

Dental handpiece is divided into high-speed dental handpiece and low-speed dental handpiece. High-speed dental handpiece also known as high speed mobile phone, high speed pneumatic turbine mobile phone, dental drill mobile phone, etc., is a commonly used medical equipment in the department of stomatology treatment.Its working principle is to compress the air as the power, drive the wind wheel to rotate at high speed, so as to drive the dental car needle to complete the work of drilling and grinding the tooth.The speed of the high-speed dental handpiece reaches more than 300,000 RPM, which is mainly used for treatment and repair (such as drilling holes and cutting). Low-speed dental handpiece is divided into straight machine and bending machine, the straight machine is used for polishing.


2.High-speed dental handpiece

According to different classification methods, high-speed dental handpiece can be divided into the following different categories:

(1)According to the connection mode with connection pipe, it can be divided into those with quick connector and those without quick connector;

(2)According to the connection type of and connection pipe, it can be divided into two holes (driving gas and water);Three holes (drive gas, water, atomizing gas);Four holes (atomizing gas, return gas) and six holes (driving gas, water atomizing gas, return gas and two electrode columns);

(3)According to the exhaust mode of the dental handpiece , it can be divided into internal exhaust (four holes and six holes)dental handpiece and external exhaust (two holes) dental handpiece;

(4)According to the diameter of the head of the phone, can be divided into large (head diameter 12.2);Middle (head diameter 11.2);Small (head diameter 10.2).Due to the size of the head, the strength of the dental handpiece is also different, and the use is slightly different.


3.Low-speed dental handpiece

Low-speed dental handpiece are divided into straight, curved and motor dental handpiece.

(1)According to the way of water outlet, it is divided into outer channel dental handpiece and inner channel dental handpiece.

(2)According to the way of emitting light, it can be divided into no light  dental handpiece and LED light dental handpiece

(3)According to the material is divided into stainless steel dental handpiece and titanium alloy dental handpiece

(4)The bending machine is divided into constant speed, deceleration and speed increase according to its speed.

(5)The bending dental handpiece can be divided into root canal treatment, planting treatment, polishing, etc.

(6)In addition to the above accident, there are some special bending machines.


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