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Cleaning and maintenance of dental handpiece.

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Cleaning and maintenance of dental handpiece.

After using the dental handpiece, maintenance should continue. What is this procedure for maintaining dental handpiece? This article will show you how to keep your dental handpiece from cleaning technology, maintenance technology, internal cleaning and lubrication and sterilization of dental tips.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

1. Cleaning method of dental handpiece

2. Maintenance methods of dental handpiece

3.Internal cleaning and lubrication of dental handpiece.

4.Sterilization of dental handpiece.


Dental hand pieces should be disinfected after each use to avoid infection in subsequent amputations. Alcohol disinfectants should not be used due to the mechanical structure of the tooth tip. Lubricants can be damaged. Instead, it must be done in an autoclave after removing the drill bit, and the tool must be cleaned with hydrogen hydroxide and lubricated. The US Food and Drug Administration class is called "disposable devices" and can be sterilized in any suitable way.


1.Cleaning method of dental handpiece

(1) surface cleaning and manual cleaning methods.Place the dental handpiece into the mechanical cleaning equipment, fix the dental handpiece, and select the correct cleaning procedure.

(2) the mechanical cleaning equipment shall be equipped with a special interface for dental handpiece, and the cleaning water and air flow shall conform to the internal structure of the dental phone.

(3) deionized water, soft water or distilled water should be used for mechanical cleaning of dental handpiece.

(4) the power motor should not be cleaned by mechanical cleaning machine.

(5) after the cleaning of dental handpiece, the internal pipes should be fully dried, and ultrasonic cleaning should not be used, nor should it be cleaned with other oral instruments.


2. Maintenance methods of dental handpiece

(1) the pressure canned lubricating oil is connected to the matching oil filling adapter or joint to inject lubricating oil to the dental handpiece

(2) the parts of the dental handpiece (chuck or three-valve spring) should be filled with oil daily

(3) grease pen should be used to lubricate the chuck or the three-valve spring and the bearing of the inner oil way dental handpiece.

(4) when cleaning the oil filling, fix the oil filling joint and the oil filling part of the dental handpiece to ensure the oil filling effect;Avoid spreading oil mist;The pressure canned cleaning oil can be selected to clean the dental handpiece without the need to inject oil again.


3.Internal cleaning and lubrication of dental handpiece.

The internal cleaning lubrication of the dental handpiece is also to inject the cleaning lubricating oil to thedental handpiece, which is necessary to maintain the dental handpiece, the steps will directly affect the performance of the dental handpiece, including its speed, torque and noise, and ultimately will affect its service life.At present, the main ways of oil injection are manual oil injection and automatic equipment oil injection.

press the inlet hole at the back of the dental handpiece for 2 seconds.4. After spraying, the dental phone shall be operated to the normal speed to remove excess oil from the pipe and the head.After the completion of oil filling, clean the outside of the dental handpiece, and then put it into the paper and plastic composite packaging bag, the elbow sealing machine, in order to prepare for the next step of disinfection procedures.


4.Sterilization of dental handpiece.

There are several points that must be noted before sterilization by means of high temperature and high pressure steam sterilizer.

1.determine the reliability of sterilizing effect of sterilizer

2.Make sure that the dental handpiece can be sterilized at high temperature. 

3. The disinfection package should be able to withstand the conditions of disinfection, not easy to damage, with good thermal steam penetration, and can prevent the invasion of microorganisms, to ensure that the dental handpiece to achieve sterilization.

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