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How do you operate your dental handpiece?

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How do you operate your dental handpiece?

Dental handpiece used in oral clinic is a kind of precise miniature equipment. In the use, in addition to daily disinfection of the dental handpiece, correct use and maintenance is an important measure for the normal work and life extension of the dental handpiece.Improper use will cause low working speed, large noise vibration, bearing bead frame fracture, etc. greatly reducing the service life of dental handpiece.This article will show you how to operate your dental handpiece.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Operation methods of dental handpiece

  • Before dental handpiece is used

  • When using dental handpiece

  • After using the dental handpiece

  • Sterilization of dental handpiece



1.Operation methods of dental handpiece

Dental handpiece is the most common dental clinical treatment, due to its close contact in the process of treatment of patients with saliva, blood, fluid of gingival sulcus and dental plaque, its surface and inside the nose turbine components and pipe after use may be different levels of pathogenic microorganism pollution, so it belongs to one of the most dangerous types of cross infection clinically, must undergo processing.It is important to operate your dental handpiece correctly.


2.  Before dental handpiece is used

(1) nstall the dental handpiece front tap pedal switch to ejecting the residual air and water inside the tube, and observe whether the outlet air is normal;

(2)  install dental handpiece sewing needles;

(a) screw: install the dental handpiece onto the treatment table, install the mounted needle, and gently screw it tightly with the dental handpiece key.

(b) button type (gland type) : press the button on the head of the dental handpiece to load and unload the cart needle, release the button, and the machine needle will be clamped.After loading the car needle, hand test whether it is qualified.

(3) tap the foot switch to adjust the water to the appropriate flow rate and the air to the appropriate pressure, and the high speed dental handpiece standard pressure is between 0.2-0.25 KGF /cm2.

(4) note: before the loading of the dental handpiece, it is strictly prohibited to step on the foot switch, or it will cause three petal springs to rotate out, thus pushing them against the back cover and both of them will be damaged.


3.  When using dental handpiece

① care must be taken in the use of the dental handpiece, which is delicate      and slight. Brutal operation is strictly prohibited. Do not drop the dental handpiece to the ground.

② no matter how the Angle is, should follow the way of up and down pull   operation, do light touch, touch, must not be lateral force.

③ the improved pen-holding method is adopted to hold the mobile phone, to find the stable fulcrum and to operate intermittently.

④ according to the tooth position and the shape of the spare hole, timely replace the dental handpiece and the car needle to minimize the wear of the dental handpiece bearing.

⑤ sharp needles should be used. Blunt needles not only take time and effort, but also cause damage to dental handpiece and increase the pain of patients.

⑥ during the use of dental handpiece, always check whether the car needle is loose, so as not to cause flying needles.

⑦ choose different dental handpieces according to different clinical conditions (such as the miniature dental handpieces with no effect on the line of sight when the pulp is opened in the back teeth;High torque dental handpiece with strong force is used in the dental system.

⑧ the one-time workload is too large, two pairs of dental handpieces should be used in turn, to avoid damage to the dental handpiece due to excessive load of the dental handpiece, and to save the time of replacing the dental handpiece.

⑨ the radial swing of the dental handpiece rotor is serious. It is strictly prohibited to use the dental handpiece when the rotor moves vertically. It is strictly prohibited to use the dental handpiece when there is no water or water shortage.

⑩ the air pressure and water pressure will change with the use of the treatment table. Therefore, the air pressure and water pressure should be checked frequently during clinical operation to ensure the normal use of dental handpiece.


4.   After using the dental handpiece

(1) Clean

After the use of dental handpieces, clean them as soon as possible, otherwise the dirty things will solidify and be difficult to clean.Before the pins are unloaded, clean the crumbs from the work head with water mist, then scrub with 75% alcohol.Or use ultrasonic dental handpiece cleaning machine to clean.Which method to use depends on the specific situation of each clinic.

(2) take needle

After use, the key to go to the car needle only loose (turn) 1/4 turn can be too loose, three valve spring will be pushed to the back cover and damaged.After each use, to timely remove the car needle to facilitate the mobile phone needle clip mechanical part of the recovery.

(3) refueling

The pneumatic spray oil tank is the most ideal lubrication tool, which can not only lubricate the dental handpiece, but also achieve the effect of cleaning the bearing and the wind wheel.


5.  Sterilization of dental handpiece.

There are several points that must be noted before sterilization by means of high temperature and high pressure steam sterilizer.

(1)Determine the reliability of sterilizing effect of sterilizer.

(2)Make sure that the dental handpiece can be sterilized at high temperature. 

(3)The disinfection package should be able to withstand the conditions of disinfection, not easy to damage, with good thermal steam penetration, and can prevent the invasion of microorganisms, to ensure that the dental handpiece to achieve sterilization.

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