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How endodontic file works?

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How endodontic file works?

If there is no endodontic file, many dentists may not be able to carry out their work at all. What is the working principle of the endodontic file? How to operate the endodontic file to prevent it from being damaged?


  • What is the working principle of the endodontic file?

  • What should we do when the endodontic file is damaged?

  • How to prevent damage to the endodontic file?


What is the working principle of the endodontic file?

The section of the working edge of the K file is triangular or square, which is mainly used to remove the dentin and calcification on the wall of the root canal to make the wall smooth; the K file is made of stainless steel and can be pre-bent into an ideal shape. When the thread is loose or dense, it should be discarded, otherwise it is easy to break; when using the K-type file, the counterclockwise rotation force should be only half of the clockwise time, otherwise it is easy to break. Use lifting and rotating actions during operation . H file has a comma-shaped cross section, sharp edge, strong cutting ability, but poor resistance to bending; H file is not easy to pre-bend and can only perform pulling action. It is suitable for straight root canals to remove a large amount of dentin, but rarely It is used to expand the root canal, and can also be used to remove the original root fillings in the root canal or temporarily seal cotton twists.


What should we do when the endodontic file is damaged?

No dentist should have a special tolerance for broken equipment; however, it is important to know how to prevent and treat these events and how to explain the situation to the patient. In fact, damaged instruments are not the direct cause of failure of endodontic treatment. Instead, they can cause uncleaned and unfilled spaces within the root canal system. Damaged instruments will hinder the mechanical devices of the infected root canal against the instruments, which is the main reason for treatment failure. Destroying the file is not improper; however, the patient is not notified that the separation has occurred. Here’s how to best deal with this situation: Calmly tell the patient that during the treatment, separate the sterile part of the instrument from the file, remove or bypass it, and incorporate it into the final filling. The patient should know that a separate file does not mean that the tooth will fail.


How to prevent damage to the endodontic file?

1.The condition of the endodontic file should be monitored before use: when you see signs of unfolding (glossy marks on the file), discard the endodontic file immediately. The dental assistant should wipe the file with an alcohol gauze pad after each use in the canal. Ni-Ti files are more likely to break than stainless steel hand files. They can break without any visible signs of deformation, so they should be discarded before seeing undistorted visual signs. By negotiating and shaping documents into disposable items, the prevention of damage to Ni-Ti documents can be greatly simplified. After completing each endodontic case, simply discarding all instruments will reduce rupture and reduce clinical time and troubles.

2. Check the groove of the file before each use. If it is bent, stretched or has bright spots, discard it immediately.

3. After preparing 4 channels, the stainless steel file showed signs of loosening (arrow), while the Ni-Ti file did not. This means that it may break without warning.

4. The creation of straight-line access and sliding paths will help the endodontic file perform with maximum capacity. Incomplete access will increase file pressure and cause file damage.

5. Tilting the hand file and forcing it to "work" will only cause rupture. When preparing the root canal system, be gentle and take some time.

6. One of the paradigm shifts that have occurred in endodontic treatment today is the concept of apical preparation rather than apical treatment. By creating the shape from the crown to the root tip, the root canal can be prepared predictably and safely.


Understanding the working principle of endodontic files will help the dentist choose a more suitable type of endodontic file for the patient, provided that the endodontic file meets the standard of use. If you are looking for a high-quality endodontic file at a reasonable price, Osakadent Co.,Ltd. will provide you with the best products.

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