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How should dental handpieces be oiled?

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How should dental handpieces be oiled?

Dental handpieces are becoming more and more popular, but many people don't know how to oil dental handpiece correctly.This article introduces the method of oiling the dental handpiece from several aspects,including:method of oiling,manual oiling and fully automatic oiling of dental handpiece .

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.Method of oiling dental handpiece

2. Manual oiling of dental handpiece .

3 .Fully automatic oiling of dental handpiece .


1.Method of oiling dental handpiece

The internal cleaning lubrication of the dental handpiece is also to inject the cleaning lubricating oil to thedental handpiece, which is necessary to maintain the dental handpiece, the steps will directly affect the performance of the dental handpiece, including its speed, torque and noise, and ultimately will affect its service life.At present, the main ways of oil injection are manual oil injection and automatic equipment oil injection.


2 Manual oiling of dental handpiece .

At present, manual oil injection is mainly the use of spray cleaning lubricating oil, but there are a few people still use more traditional oil bottle drip.Adopt the way of spray cleaning lubricating oil is obviously better than the oil drip way, because the first, by way of spray jet cleaning and lubricating oil. Pressure of air, this air flow with clean lubricating oil is relatively easy to dirt away the dental handpiece the pipeline, at the same time also promotes the turbine operation of dental handpiece, and thus can more efficiently remove dental turbine chamber and the bearing inner dirt and oil.Secondly, the cleaning oil sprayed by the spray type is in the form of mist, which is conducive to its uniform adhesion in the turbine components and plays a good protective effect.However, the traditional oil bottle drip method is unable to achieve such an effect.The operator should wear a mask and goggles to prevent infection during operation.The dental handpiece should be put into the prepared paper cover or plastic bag before filling with oil, so as to avoid the oil mist contaminating the surrounding environment when spraying.3. With an appropriate nozzle, aim and press the inlet hole at the back of the dental handpiece for 2 seconds.4. After spraying, the dental phone shall be operated to the normal speed to remove excess oil from the pipe and the head.After the completion of oil filling, clean the outside of the dental handpiece, and then put it into the paper and plastic composite packaging bag, the elbow sealing machine, in order to prepare for the next step of disinfection procedures.

3 Fully automatic oiling of dental handpiece .

In recent years, dental handpiece oiling equipment is becoming fully automated and multi-functional.Its function is not only limited to dental handpiece oil, but a full range of dental handpiece to provide "care services".Some of the automatic equipment can not only perform the inside and outside cleaning of dental handpiece, bearing bone, roller oil removal procedures, and even drying function.The use of fully automatic equipment can not only save time and manpower, reduce the risk of contamination of workers, but also make the working environment cleaner and more hygienic.Because the automation equipment is not manually operated, so the oil injection volume is very accurate, will not cause insufficient oil injection volume, also will not cause waste due to excessive oil injection volume, can save cost.

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