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How to Properly Clean and Maintenance Handpieces

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How to Properly Clean How to Properly Clean and Maintenance the Handpiece

Everyone knows that handpieces are an essential part of dentistry. However, if your handpieces are not properly cleaned and maintained, they will not give you the performance you desire.

Effects of Improper Maintenance

Some of the effects of improper handpiece maintenance are:

• Biomatter or “sludge” builds up on the gears of your handpiece
• After a few autoclave sessions, build up becomes cooked permanently onto the gears
• Break downs and expensive repairs
• Many companies that find biomatter build up inside handpieces will not honor warranties
• Biomatter can be passed from patient to patient

Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

When you properly clean and maintain your handpieces, biomatter and sludge buildup is prevented. This will ensure that your handpieces last for many years and provide the best level of performance possible, and you will save money on repairs.

How to Clean Your Handpiece

1. After every procedure, use handpiece lubrication spray
2. Spray handpiece for at least 10 seconds
3. Read your owner’s manual for maintenance information specific to your handpiece

Watch this video for more on proper handpiece cleaning and maintenance!

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