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How to choose a suitable dental chair?

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How to choose a suitable dental chair?

Dental chair is one of the most essential equipment in dental clinic, and it is also directly related to the treatment activities. The quality and performance of dental chair directly affect the business development and professional image of the clinic, so the choice of dental chair is very important and critical.Today let us learn how to choose a suitable dental chair.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1. Sanitary condition of dental chair.

2. After-sales service of dental chair

3. Installation of dental chair.

4. Dental chair operation training

5.methods of choosing a suitable dental chair



Dental chair is for oral surgery and oral disease examination and treatment.Use dynamic more dental chair, its main structure is divided into eight parts: 1. The bottom 2. Stent 3. Seat 4. 5. The back of the chair armrest 6. Head holds 7. Head holds button 8. Control switch. The machine fixed on the ground floor, and through the bracket will bottom connected to the top of the dental chair, dental chair action is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair

Here are some methods of choosing a suitable dental chair.

1.Sanitary condition of dental chair.

Itself has the sanitation dead Angle, the sanitation dead Angle is to point to very hard clean, or can not clean the part.Some of the lamp arms have rubber sleeves to cover the joints and keep them beautiful. These rubber sleeves are also strictly hygienic dead ends, holding bacteria.Material requirement of dental chair face can use disinfectant disinfection (if alcohol), oral cavity 114 if cannot, also do not accord with wholesome requirement.Strong, weak suction requirements can be matched with disposable straw, such as the straw can be used repeatedly, requirements can withstand 135 degrees of high temperature disinfection.Of course, multifunctional foot switch, non - inductive lamp is to meet the needs of health.


2. After-sales service of dental chair, especially maintenance of dental chair.

Many doctors found that some companies in the sale of products, little after-sales service, or no service, the machine is out of order, not immediately repaired, causing a lot of unnecessary losses of 114 oral cavity. Dental chair should be relatively perfect in respect of after sale service, have guarantee promise, such ability saves worry for us truly, save time, save money.


3. Installation of dental chair.

Problems can also occur if the installation and debugging are not in place, as every experienced engineer knows.So, when buying dental chair must look for the company that strength is strong, oral cavity 114 acting good product again, the requirement it provides complete installation diagram, product dimension, technical parameter to you, cooperate actively with dental chair.


4. Dental chair operation training.

Many failures are caused by improper installation, debugging, or improper use by doctors.Therefore, the dental equipment company's training of the dentist is very critical, some engineers do not train the doctor, after finishing the work, the doctor found this situation to stop him to ask for training.


5.Choosing method of dental chair

In recent years, the dental clinic opens more and more, the dental chair is the main dental equipment of dental clinic and dental hospital, the quality of dental chair directly affects the treatment level of dental clinic in the future.We need to know how to choose a dental chair.

1.Choose a suitable dental chair model

2. After choosing the dental chair model, you should see whether the configuration is suitable for you.

3. Learn to identify the quality of dental chair, from the appearance, metallic luster and other aspects of observation.

4.We have professional dental chair and services, worthy of your trust, if you just need a dental chair, choose us.

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