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How to choose a suitable dental compressor?

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How to choose a suitable dental compressor?

Modern medical field cannot leave dental compressor, so do you know how to choose a suitable dental compressor?This article will introduce how to choose a suitable dental compressor from selection standard and elements of selecting dental compressor.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.Selection standard of dental compressor

2. Elements of selecting dental compressor


The selection of dental compressor is mainly based on the working pressure and flow of the pneumatic system.

1. Selection standard of dental compressor

Pressure parameter matching:Dental compressor working pressure control: that is, how much air pressure is needed to work.

Steady and continuous discharge: refers to the rated working pressure per minute how many liters of gas flow, and to ensure the continuous and stable gas flow, so the dental compressor work stability requirements are very high.

Compressed air quality:Oil-free dental compressor is the preferred: oil-free air dental compressor machine itself materials do not contain oily substance, work also need not add any lubricating oil, thus greatly improve the quality of the discharge by air and the safety of the users have to form a complete set of equipment also has the security, unlike oil dental compressor, because of the exhaust gas containing a large number of oil molecules, for the user the different levels of the form a complete set of equipment from corrosion, so choose mute dental compressorof air quality guarantee is necessary.Air quality shall be up to the following international standards after installation of air filters.


2. Elements of selecting dental compressor

(1)Use of compressed air.

(2)Minimum pressure.

(3)Demand air volume at the tip and off peak.

(4)According to different gas quality, different types and grades of dryers of dental compressor and precise filters are selected and configured. Excessive quality wastes energy, while insufficient quality affects the process.

(5). The control technology of dental compressor changes with each day, "multi-machine linkage", "variable frequency variable speed" and "remote monitoring" and other technologies, can effectively inhibit the centrifugal BOV and screw type of empty vehicle waste (saving 25-40% of electricity), reduce the spare capacity and investment.

(6). Operating efficiency should not only compare nominal horsepower and air volume on the model, but should focus on the actual "performance curve" and "air volume per horse".

(7). Consider the size of the machine room, ventilation conditions, noise isolation, waste heat, waste water recovery and other energy use.In addition, "centralized" has lower installation, maintenance and control costs than "distributed" and can also reduce peripherals.

(8). As for the cooling method, there are air cooling and water cooling two, air cooling is not extra investment cooling tower rain, but must have good ventilation: water cooling is the operation temperature is not affected by the environment, conducive to the life of the air compressor, only ice burst and blocking shortcomings.

(9). The stability of power planning voltage demand and voltage drop must be required. The centrifuge is usually of high voltage and cannot be moved at all.

(10). The maintenance dental compressor room should have proper maintenance space, necessary hoisting facilities and access channels, as well as engineers and maintenance personnel. Different maintenance professional training should be given.


Now you have learned how to choose the suitable dental compressor. If you need dental compressor, please contact us as soon as possible. We can provide not only professional dental compressor, but also satisfactory service.

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