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How to choose a suitable dental handpiece?

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How to choose a suitable dental handpiece?

Dental handpiece are becoming more and more popular, but many people do not know how to choose a suitable dental handpiece.This passage introduces the method of choosing dental handpiece from several aspects:Ways of choosing a dental handpiece,Safety performance, Service life, Work efficiency,Use cost ,Good and professional sellers of dental handpiece.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

1 Ways of choosing a dental handpiece

2 Safety performance of dental handpiece

3 Service life of dental handpiece

4 Work efficiency of dental handpiece

5 Use cost of dental handpiece

6 Good and professional sellers of dental handpiece


Now, the dental handpiece brand on the market become  more and more, let everyone dazzling, each brand has the focus of publicity and selling points, in the face of so many choices, how to choose a suitable dental handpiece?? Here are some ways to for you :


1Ways of choosing a dental handpiece:

First of all, you must carefully examine the following basic principles when buying dental handpiece:


2 Safety performance of dental handpiece: 

It is very important to ensure the safety of patients and to take care of the safety of medical staff.

(1)Dental handpiece material selection and appearance coating, whether can withstand 135 degrees above high temperature and high pressure disinfection.

(2) Whether the nose has anti-backsuction design:The anti-suction design is actually a sophisticated one-way valve, which functions like a valve in the heart or blood vessels, allowing only water to flow out and not be sucked back in.In this way, we can effectively avoid the cross-infection caused by backlapping.

(3) Whether you can accept professional thermal cleaning:In Europe and the United States developed countries, thermal cleaning has been included in the oral instrument disinfection, clean standards.Thermal cleaning, which greatly reduces the chances of people coming into direct contact with dental handpiece, will eventually go mainstream.Therefore, a good  dental handpiece must be able to withstand the high pressure hot water washing machine.

(4)Is dental handpiece a built-in filter screen? The filter screen can purify the water.


3 Service life of dental handpiece: 

This is the performance that we are all concerned about.If the dental handpiece often goes wrong, affect work efficiency, affect work mood, not happy!!The following points determine the service life:

Brand and  place of origin: brand is very important, place of origin is also very important.The same brand makes different things in different places.Everyone knows that big manufacturers set up shop all over the place, but their core technology may still be retained.Therefore, it is best to buy a big brand, the original factory produced dental handpiece.


4 Work efficiency of dental handpiece: 

The pursuit of this point, everyone has different preferences, the pursuit of the perfect doctor friends can refer to the main performance of the impact of work efficiency.

Ddental handpiece power size: the greater the power, the greater the torque.

Dental handpiece surface coating material and anti-slip design: this hand feeling is very important, holding in the hand is comfortable, only you can choose to experience.

Dental handpiece noise: the quieter the better, everyone knows that.


5 Use cost of dental handpiece : 

Cost control is a very professional thing.A lot of statistical work needs to be done.For clinics, calculating the cost of a phone should not be based on its unit price, but on careful calculations of its usage, maintenance, etc., and a comprehensive assessment.It is better to have a more detailed record and analysis, identify the most critical factors affecting costs, to improve.


6 Good and professional sellers of dental handpiece:

Professional and perfect after - sales service must be considered.Unlike consumables, used and thrown away, where to buy the same.Dental handpiece involved in after-sales maintenance and other issues, to choose a familiar, good reputation, strong technical force of the seller.Don't worry too much about the price, because good after - sales service also requires someone to pay for it.Do not guarantee, do not take responsibility for the sale of after-sales service of tea egg sales method of low cost, so the price will be low, but there is no guarantee of after-sales, which needs to consider the risk.

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