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How to clean and maintain a dental compressor ?

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How to clean and maintain a dental compressor ?

Dental compressor plays an important role in both clinic and hospital, and right ways to clean and maintain a dental compressor can make a dental compressor service longer,so this article will introduce how to clean and maintain a dental compressor.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.Operation of dental compressor

2.Cleaning methods of dental compressor

3.Maintenance process of dental compressor


Dental compressor is widely used in the medical field to provide sufficient and clean air for the medical equipment that needs air source.Dental compressor is one of the main mechanical power equipment in many clinics and hospitals.Good cleaning and maintenance of the dental compressor operating procedures, not only to extend the service life of the dental compressor, but also to ensure the operation  quality of the dental compressor,so let us learn how to operate,clean and maintain a dental compressor.

1.Operation of dental compressor:

(1)The dental compressor operation should pay attention to the long time after the first start, must turn the car to check, pay attention to whether there is a collision, stuck or abnormal noise phenomenon.

(2)The dental compressor must be started in the state of no load, after the no-load operation is normal, then gradually make the air compressor into Load operation.

(3)dental compressor, after the normal operation, should often pay attention to variou3s instrument readings, and at any time to adjust.

(4)When the following situations are found in the operation of the dental compressor, it shall stop the machine immediately to find out the reasons and eliminate them.


2.Cleaning method of dental compressor

The long-term operation of dental compressor will cause the equipment to be blocked by scale, which will reduce the efficiency, increase the energy consumption and shorten the dental compressor life.If the scale can not be removed in time, will face the risk of equipment maintenance, shutdown or scrap replacement.Long traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical method (shave, brush), high pressure water and chemical cleaning (acid) on a lot of problems: when washing the dental compressor can not completely remove scale and other sediments, and causes corrosion of dental compressor, the residual acid on the material corrosion or corrosion under the scale, eventually led to the replacement equipment, in addition, the cleaning liquid is toxic, need a lot of money for wastewater treatment.Enterprises can use efficient environmental protection cleaning agent to avoid the above situation, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, safety, no corrosion, not only good cleaning effect and no corrosion to the dental compressor, to ensure the long-term use of dental compressor.Consider adding wetting agent and penetrating agent, can effectively remove water equipment produced by the most stubborn scale (calcium carbonate), rust scale, grease, sticky mud and other sediments, and won't cause harm to human body, not of steel, copper, nickel, titanium, rubber, plastic, fiber, glass, ceramics and other material cause erosion, pitting and other harmful reactions such as oxidation, can significantly extend the service life of dental compressor.


3.Maintenance process of dental compressor

(1) Start the dental compressor to see whether the unit is in normal operation. After normal pre-rotation, stop the dental compressor to prepare for maintenance.

(2)Stop the dental compressor, cut off the power, start to maintain the dental compressor with the principle of "difficult before easy", take out all the parts that need to be replaced, compare the size.

After confirming the same, start dismantling the unit parts screw replacement.

(3)Built-in oil core, be sure to clean the cushion on the oil cover, add good lubricating oil, put the oil core, change good oil Separate lid, diagonal screw.

(4)Oil filter must be tightened with oil filter wrench to ensure no dripping or oil leakage.

(5)Clean the air filter shell, put the clean air filter and tighten it.

(6)Check again after making sure left and right screws are tightened.

(7)Power on, start up and test the engine, observe the oil level, each pipeline interface, whether there is any leakage phenomenon.

(8)Overall test for 10-20 minutes, ensure the unit is normal, clean up oil and accessories before leaving.


Now you have learned how to operate,clean and maintain a dental compressor. If you need dental compressor, please contact us as soon as possible. We can provide not only professional dental compressor, but also satisfactory service.

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