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How to extend the life of endodontic file?

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How to extend the life of endodontic file?

In the process of root canal treatment, many treatment instruments are needed, and most of these instruments are needle-like. Sometimes due to excessive narrowing or bending of the tooth root, or due to metal fatigue in a part of the instrument, a part of the instrument may break in the root canal, which is called "broken needle". Therefore, this article will discuss how to rupture the endodontic file and extend its life.



  • Causes of endodontic file fracture

  • Methods to extend the life of endodontic files


 1. Causes of endodontic file fracture

(1) Anatomical factors of root canal. When the curved root canal and calcified root canal are encountered, the endodontic file may be broken. The way to avoid it is to be familiar with the anatomical characteristics of various dental pulp cavities, and take X-rays to understand the root canal preoperatively.

(2) Improper operation factors, such as lack of effective root canal irrigation (recommended NaOCl + EDTA) during root canal preparation, failure to follow the correct instrument sequence, and excessive torque of the instrument may cause the endodontic file to break.

(3) Fatigue factors of equipment. As everyone knows, new equipment is recommended for root canals that show narrow, curved or calcified on X-rays.

(4) Improper use of the device causes the elasticity of the device to decrease.


2. Methods to extend the life of endodontic files

In order to prolong the life of endodontic files, we can first choose products from famous manufacturers when purchasing. Now for the benefit of many businesses, the quality of endodontic files is obviously not as good as before. Although we want to extend its service life, in general, a new file will be replaced after about ten regular uses. In addition, for safety reasons, if there are creases, bends, or threads become thinner, etc., they can be replaced at any time. If conditional sterilization is available, high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization such as hand use files and engine files can be used, but that is also a test for instruments.

In addition, we need to have a certain understanding of the shape of the root canal, for example, what is the Niti taper file and how is the large taper rotary file. When choosing the proper size of the root canal file, be careful and focused, especially for thin root canals. Then, in the course of treatment, try not to artificially add force, and should enter it obediently, the rotation range should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to break.


With the economic development and social progress, the root canal treatment technology is also gradually innovating, and the frequency of broken needles is gradually decreasing. However, it is still necessary to strengthen the management and preservation of endodontic files. The operator should master the anatomy of the root canal and ensure patience and meticulousness in the operation. Under this premise, according to the operating procedures, it will effectively prevent the occurrence of broken needles, ensure the effect of root canal treatment, and extend the service life of the endodontic file.

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