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How to operate a dental suction unit?

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How to operate a dental suction unit?

Dental suction unit  is an important part of dental chair , correct operation of dental suction unit is crucial. This article will guide you to understand how to operate dental suction unit.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1.Use steps of dental suction unit:

2.Operation procedure of dental suction unit:

3.Attention of  using dental suction unit:


1.Use teps of dental suction unit:

(1) operating process of the negative pressure dental suction unit: switch on the power and check whether the performance of the dental suction unit is good and whether the connection is normal.

(2) suck with normal saline to check whether the catheter is patency, and adjust the negative pressure according to the condition of the child and the viscosity of sputum overflow

(3) adults 300-400mmhg, children 250-300mmhg, connected to the sputum suction tube to test whether the normal saline suction.

(4) hold the suction cup tube in the left hand and fold the end; hold the suction cup tube in the right hand with gloves and insert it into the mouth to the throat gently. Then relax the end of the catheter and absorb the secretions in the pharynx.

(5) when sputum aspiration is performed, it is rotated from the deep side to the left and the right side, and the sputum is sucked up at the same time.

(6) after the catheter was pushed out, the patient was rinsed with normal saline, and the changes in respiratory rate, color, character and quantity of sputum were observed after sputum aspiration.

(7) turn off the switch at the end of sputum aspiration, cut off the power supply, separate the sputum dental suction unit tube, and put it in the medical garbage bag together with gloves and sputum aspiration tube.


2.Operation procedure of dental suction unit

1.Check whether each pipe of the dental suction unit is connected correctly, open the switch and check whether the performance of the dental suction unit is good.

2, adjust the negative pressure: according to the patient's condition and sputum viscosity rotary control valve to control the maximum negative pressure on the patient.- the negative pressure value of sputum aspiration: 0.027-0.053kpa (adjust knob clockwise negative pressure is large, reverse negative pressure is small);The negative pressure value of first aid sputum aspiration should not exceed 0.08kpa at most.

3. Before sputum aspiration, fold the rubber tube into a V shape, start the machine to make the negative pressure reach the required range, then insert the patient's sputum resistance site, and immediately restore the rubber tube to its original state for sputum aspiration.

4. In the process of sputum aspiration, clean the exhalated secretions at any time, observe the change of respiratory rate before and after, and pay attention to the character, quantity and color of the exhaled substances, and make records as required.

5. After sputum aspiration, rinse the catheter with normal saline, take off the sputum aspiration tube and soak it in disinfectant, clean the liquid storage bottle in a timely manner, and clean and disinfect it once or once for the next use.

6, after the end of use, to turn off the switch on the dental suction unit and then from the power socket to remove the power plug, in order to cut off the power.


3.Attention of using dental suction unit

1.Strictly implement the aseptic operation, and replace the sputum aspiration material in the dish 1 to 2 times a day, and replace the sputum aspiration tube every time, and make good oral care.

2, regular sputum aspiration, when the throat is found to have sputum sound or sputum drainage is not free, should be timely suction.

3. Pay attention to the changes of the condition during operation of dental suction unit and provide guidance to the patients.

4, the storage of the liquid storage bottle, is generally 1/3 of the bottle capacity, not more than 500ml, more than to immediately stop sputum aspiration, and pour decontamination liquid, after treatment for reuse.

5. If the patient has a falling tongue, the lower jaw should be held up, and then the tongue will be gently pulled out with tongue forceps and then inserted into a catheter to suck sputum.

6. When dental suction unit is stopped from use, clean and soak the sterilized liquid storage bottle and rubber pipe, dry and set aside.Replace 2 times a week for continuous use of dental suction unit.

7. The buffer bottle ACTS as a buffer against airflow. It is strictly prohibited to use as a liquid storage bottle to avoid liquid entering the pump body and damaging the machine.

8. After use of dental suction unit , make sure the negative pressure is lower than 0.02kpa before shutdown


You must have some understanding of the operation of dental suction unit. If you need dental suction unit, please contact us anytime and look forward to serving you.

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