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How to repair dental handpiece?

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How to repair dental handpiece?

Dental handpieces are highly complex instruments. Careful maintenance in accordance with standards can ensure the normal operation of dental instruments, ensure the best safety, and ensure the greatest success of your practice. So if the high-speed dental handpiece is damaged, how should it be repaired? How to install the dental handpiece correctly?


How to repair the dental handpiece?

How to install a dental handpiece?

How to maintain the dental handpiece?


How to repair the dental handpiece?

Using the special dental back cover key/button wrench, unscrew the dental back cover from the electric dental handpiece and remove the worn dental turbine by pushing it out from the front. Use only suitable tools to remove the end caps. Using pliers or inappropriate tools can damage the dental handpiece.

It is necessary to check whether there are foreign objects and debris inside the head-if there is, remove it. Compare the worn dental rotor to the new dental turbine to identify any components still present in the handpiece. Use a scaler or explorer to remove all old dental turbine components, including gaskets, O-rings, washers or bearing retainers. After removing all the old dental turbine components, use cotton swabs and dental handpiece lubricant to clean the dental handpiece. Use the air in the air/water syringe to blow out the handpiece to remove all cotton fibers.


How to install a dental handpiece?

Dental turbine is also a term used by many dentists. Because dental rotors are equipped with two O-rings, they will be burned and autoclaved in time, and will lose their characteristics and functions over time, so the existing ones must be used Turbine O-ring instead. One O-ring is installed in the groove on the front (front end) of the phone, and the other O-ring must be installed in the groove at the end of the dental back cover. You may need to use a scaler or explorer to remove the old O-rings from the dental high-speed handpiece and end cap. When installing new O-rings to ensure they are fully seated, a sander or similar blunt tool may help. Special attention must be paid to these O-rings to ensure that the old O-rings are completely removed and the new O-rings will not be misaligned, twisted or otherwise displaced.


Fully lubricate the inside of the dental handpiece, paying particular attention to the O-ring. With the high-speed dental handpiece facing down, insert the dental turbine fully into the head of the dental handpiece. The dental rotor bearings each have a small lip that will rest on the O-ring. Use a suitable tool to unscrew the end cap until it is flush with the phone head. Note: The end cap should be tightened firmly with a special wrench to ensure the safe positioning of the high-speed Dental turbine. If the end cover cannot be fully secured, remove and check the end cover for debris/old turbine parts. If the problem persists, send the replacement dental rotor and handpiece to the dental repair shop for installation.


How to maintain the dental handpiece?

1. Surface cleaning-According to guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control, before removing the handpiece from the water supply hose, flush water through a functional dental handpiece for at least 30 seconds. This helps to remove contaminants. The surface of the device was cleaned immediately thereafter to remove biological debris from the outer surface of the phone.

2. Drying-The next step in maintaining the dental handpiece is to ensure that the surface of the instrument is clean and thoroughly dry.

3. Lubrication-The oil should be sprayed directly into the air line until it is sprayed from the machine head. This ensures that all internal bearings are properly lubricated. Remember, please use compressed air to push the oil through the dental handpiece, otherwise the bearings will not be affected.

4. Run the handpiece – After the dental handpiece is lubricated, it must be run. This will help distribute the oil through the bearings and the chuck mechanism. This also helps to ensure that the excess oil is properly drained so that there will be no problems with condensation during the autoclaving process. All practitioners should invest in workstations designed for air flushing. After installation, the only requirement is to obtain compressed air.

5. Fiber optics – The next step in proper maintenance of electric dental handpieces is to ensure that you take the time to clean the fibers. This process only requires a Q-tip and a small amount of alcohol. This will remove oil and debris from the fiber surface. As a result, no discoloration occurs, and no accumulation is formed on the surface.

6. Bagging-The next step is to pack your dental handpiece so that the whole piece remains sterile. Make sure to buy a bag designed specifically for your phone.

7. Sterilization-The final step in maintaining dental handpieces is the sterilization process. To do this, simply follow the guidelines established by the device manufacturer. After the process is complete, make sure that the instrument is completely dry.

8. This 7-step maintenance process is generally applicable to all types of dental handpieces. Before proceeding with this process, please read your user manual to ensure that no additional steps are required.


Dental handpieces are essential to successful practice. Therefore, practitioners must be aware of the importance of the maintenance process in order to keep their instruments in optimal operating conditions. If you are looking for a high-quality high-speed dental handpiece at a reasonable price, Osakadent Co.,Ltd. will provide you with the best products.

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