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Introduction of endodontic file related products

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Introduction of endodontic file related products

This article is mainly introduce endodontic file related products like Gates drill, K reamer, K file and H file. 


This article contains the following:

  • The introduction of Gates drill

  • Introduction of K reamer

  • k file

  • H file


1.The introduction of Gates drill

The tip of the working edge of the Gates drill is smooth and has no edge, which can prevent the formation of steps and side penetration.

In the root canal, the initial enlargement of the root canal opening and the crown of the open root canal are prepared so that subsequent instruments and irrigation fluid can easily enter the root canal. When using the Gates drill, insert the tip of the drill into the root canal and carefully pull along the outer edge and side wall of the root canal. The depth of the drill is limited to the straight part of the root canal.The device should be in a rotating state to prevent it from being caught and broken.


2.Introduction of K reamer

K reamer, material: stainless steel, triangular cross section, medium cutting ability, sharp point.

Indications for use: the enlarged needle is generally used for preliminary root canal exploration due to the sharp tip, the cutting ability is weak, and the passability.

Use technique: Rotate with balance force method as much as possible, do not apply excessive force downward.

Precautions for use: pre-bend in advance, gentle technique to avoid violence.

Problems that may occur during use: due to the design of the tip, the file cannot be pressurized downwards when it encounters resistance, otherwise it is prone to side penetration. Due to the material, even after pre-bending, the root canal will be straightened and the apex is deviated Transfer and other issues.


3.k file

material: stainless steel, square cross-section, weak cutting force, weak tip sharpness.

Indications for use: k files are generally used to repair root canals and apical holes due to weak passability and cutting force.

Use technique: Rotate and lift with balance force method as much as possible, do not apply excessive force downward.

Precautions for use: pre-bend in advance, gentle technique to avoid downward pressure, the same size expansion needle can be used to repair the root canal.

Problems that are easy to occur in use: Remember to bend the root canal downwards without rough force, otherwise it will be easy to get out of steps.

The K-shaped expansion needle mainly enlarges the role of root canal cutting dentin, and the K-shaped expansion file is used to flatten the uneven dentin of the root canal after the root canal expansion needle is used to clean up the root canal infection. Generally, the file is expanded first.


4.H file

material: stainless steel, round cross-section, strong cutting ability, strong sharpness. Indications for use: h file is very similar to the tail of a mouse. When I was in school, the teacher called it a rat tail file, and the cutting ability is very strong. , So it is generally used to pull up and down.

How to use: Pull up and down to cut, as far as possible not to rotate.

Precautions for use: Because the blade is sharp, do not pull continuously in one direction, it is easy to over-cut, as soft as possible during rotation, do not pull violently when encountering resistance, do not use it for root canals with a large degree of curvature.

Problems that are easy to occur in use: due to the strong cutting ability of the h file blade, it does not rotate as much as possible when resistance is encountered, otherwise the blade is very easy to be stuck on the root canal wall, and do not pull it violently after being stuck, otherwise the needle will easily break, because the blade part Design, h file does not pre-bend as much as possible, reducing the risk of breaking.

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