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Newest EZ sensor

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Newest EZ sensor

Newest EZ sensor   sensor.pdf

Soft touch ensures ultimate patient comfort

Feeling warm with Biocompatible silicone

The sensor is designed with a soft exterior and a Uni-body 

with the cable.  EzSensor Soft’s patient-oriented design is suitable for even small arches.


Mandibular torus (pl. mandibular tori) is a bony growth in the mandible along the surface nearest to the tongue. Mandibular tori are usually present near the premolars and above the location of the mylohyoid 

muscle's attachment to the mandible.

In particular, some patients could go through severe pain and gagging due to their irritated tori.

Doctors should give more attention when positioning. The EzSensor Soft can be the best choice for these kinds of patients thanks to its softness.

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