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Notes on the use of dental handpiece

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Notes on the use of dental handpiece

Dental handpiece are common in medicine field, and there are many details about how they are used.This article focuses on Definition,Characteristics Notes on the use and Maintenance methods of dental handpiece .

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1 Characteristics of dental handpiece

2 Notes on the use of dental handpiece.

3 Maintenance methods of dental handpiece

1 Characteristics of dental handpiece

Although the dental handpiece is small in size, it is an indispensable and important tool in oral clinical treatment.Due to the large number of oral outpatient patients and the limited number ofdental handpiece , it is not possible to use the special plane for special persons, and the frequency of use, repeated high-temperature disinfection will also cause wear and tear on some parts of the dental handpiece , so the dental handpiece has the characteristics of fast rotation cycle, easy to wear and so on.Although there are many brands of dental handpiece on the market, their usage, repair and maintenance methods are mostly universal.

2 Notes on the use of dental handpiece.

(1) check whether the water outlet and air outlet of the dental handpiece skin line are normal, the water quality is clean and free of rust and foreign matter, and the compressed air is dry and clean are the two prerequisites for the normal use of dental handpiece.

(2) try to avoid the use of the same pipeline between the dental handpiece and the hand-held sandblasting machine to prevent residual sand particles from entering the dental handpiece and damaging the bearing.

(3) adjust the appropriate air pressure, different brands of dental handpiece are different, need to adjust according to the actual situation.

(4) dental handpiece must use the normal standard car needle, do not clip the car needle or the standard bar, do not idle, this will cause damage to the three valve spring and the back cover.

(5) dental handpiece have different functions, such as mini, reverse Angle, large torque mobile phones, etc., should be selected according to different oral clinical treatment of the appropriate dental handpiece .

(6) each dental handpiece should not be used in overload. Excessive heat and excessive oral tissue debris will accelerate its loss. In case of abnormal use of the dental handpiece, it should be stopped immediately.

(7) after the machine is used or before it is sent for maintenance, it must be cleaned, lubricated and sterilized (the order cannot be reversed or omitted) to avoid cross-infection, and the disinfection temperature should not be higher than 135℃.

(8) it is forbidden to immerse the dental handpiece in corrosive disinfectant. The quick change joint of the dental handpiece generally does not need to be sterilized under high temperature and high pressure, but can be sterilized on the surface with medical ethanol. 

3 Maintenance methods of dental handpiece

The key to dental handpiece maintenance is lubrication.Good lubrication work, can reduce the dental handpiece bearing and movement wear, can prevent the corrosion of the clamping part, a long time not used dental handpiece , also need to be injected with special lubricants for the dental handpiece , and sealed preservation.There is another important step before the oil is injected, and that is cleaning.

In the use of dental handpiece process, to follow these small rules oh, do not understand at any time to contact us, we can provide not only to make you satisfied with the professional dental handpiece, but also intimate service oh, please call.

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