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Precautions and maintenance of dental chair.

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Precautions and maintenance of dental chair.

Dental chair is an important part of modern medical equipment and plays a vital role in the medical field. People should know the precautions and maintenance methods of dental chair.This article will take you to understand the use of dental chair and maintenance methods.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1Operation instructions of dental chair

2Precautions and maintenance of dental chair

3. Must do a month after the use of dental chair 


Dental chair is the necessary medical equipment for stomatologists, dental comprehensive treatment equipment, divided into pneumatic and electric two.

Gas, water and electricity is essential the three elements of the dental chair before the installation of gas, water pipeline cloth must be good (had better go through underground), had better install first water filter in the water, so as not to affect the service life of machine in the inland waters filter, air pump don't be too close from the dental chair, in order to avoid the noise of the pump up affect patients.If there are more equipment, it is recommended to adopt central gas supply, which can not only save money, reduce faults, but also ensure the quality of gas supply.


  1.Operation instructions of dental chair

(1)Switch on the power of dental chair

(2) According to the treatment items, choose different devices (air gun, high-speed mobile phone, low-speed mobile phone, tooth cleaning machine, etc.) to be connected to the connection head and make sure than dental chair can work.

(3) Adjust water pressure, power, light and chair position

(4)Step on your feet and start dental chair working

(5) Restore the chair position after the operation (directly press the reset button)

(6) Clean dental chair and keep it clean.


2. maintenance of dental chair

1.after each use of dental chair must be done

(1) rinse the spittoon with water

(2) strong and weak salivation tube with hydrogen peroxide (or neutral disinfectant) clean water to wash the dirt in the pipeline 

(3) timely reset the position of the tooth chair

(4) check whether multiple pylons of operation unit are misplaced

2. Do it once a week after the use of dental chair 

(1) remove the suction filter and wash

(2) remove the water drain from the return air filter cup under the operation plate and clean the water drain from the total air inlet filter cup in the floor box

3. Must do a month after the use of dental chair 

(1) clean the filter net in the water filter valve to ensure the waterway is unobtrusive (2) apply oil at the joints


3.Precautions of dental chair

1.Every morning before the house visit, the doctor and the nurse shall use the special disinfectant to scrub the dental chair table. chair artificial leather pad shall be maintained weekly.

3. If the dental chair is not used for more than 24 hours, it must be sterilized and circulated before use.

4. The silver mercury collector shall be cleaned by the nurse every other week or two, and records shall be made.

5. Spittoon filter net shall be cleaned by nurses and cleaners at any time.

6. After each use of the strong and weak salivation apparatus, use 1 liter of clean water to suck once, half a month or one month to use disinfectant water to suck strongly times.

7, the treatment table water, air filter every 1 ~2 months to clean.

8. The seats of patients in the comprehensive dental chairtable are leather products, which should be used by doctors and nurses before patients use.

9.Remind the patient to remove sharp objects.


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