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Singing a tragedy towards victory-deep memory of Dr. Li Wenliang

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Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, was unfortunately infected in the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, and was not rescued by all efforts. He died at 2:58 on February 7, 2020. The world's mainstream media, including the World Health Organization, the Washington Post, and CNN, all expressed their condolences on the death of Dr. Li Wenliang. Doctors and people across China are even more sorry for his death.

Professor Yue Lin, Secretary-General of the Chinese Stomatological Association and a well-known expert in dental pulp and endodontics, wrote a memory of Dr. Li Wenliang, calling on everyone at this moment to concentrate on their strengths and win together battle. Only by arousing enough confidence can we move towards eventual victory.

Let's stick to it, the battle against epidemic will win!


Sing sad songs to victory


Dr. Li Wenliang left, sadness and pain reached the bottom of his heart, his emotions dropped to the freezing point.

Your professional alertness, you are trying to save the earth,

Your salary, your bravery,

Your sacrifice, your dedication, your tragic feat,

Let all our soldiers in white stand out in reverence!

When we said goodbye, we burst into tears and heartache ...

You are a well-deserved hero!

He is the hero of our nation! It is the hero of a Chinese doctor! It is the pride of mankind!

The country is in distress and we stand up

In the face of the epidemic, we are desperate!

What can we doctors do at this moment? Followers!

What can we do at this moment? Due diligence!

When the people of the country and the new crown epidemic are decisive,

Our medical professionals need clear thinking and judgment,

No chaos to the country, no chaos to the government, no chaos to the industry!

We, Peking University, we oral people, have to set an example!

The country is in distress,

Our awareness is higher, the pattern is bigger, and our vision is farther away.

It is necessary to understand and practice "the responsibility of keeping the soil, the responsibility of keeping the soil, the responsibility of keeping the soil" deeper!

It is exactly that sentence, know the big picture, take care of the big picture!

Before the epidemic,

We must despise the enemy strategically and value the enemy tactically.

We are all ordinary people, and we also have negative psychology such as anxiety and fear.

We must learn to scientifically guide, guide ourselves, our friends and relatives, and influence the surroundings.

We are all actively looking for ways to strengthen clinical front-line protection,

What we can do is to strengthen confidence and unite.

While protecting yourself as much as possible,

Keep your position, complete your mission, and output positive energy.

The angel is gone, and his whistle will never disappear!

In times of difficulties, we need to turn grief into strength and move forward.

When there is a decisive battle, there is no retreat, only bravery!

Winter is gone, spring is bound to come,

It is our responsibility to win this deadly war with the sick!

Keep to the end, the battle of "epidemics" will win!

Encourage with fellow workers.

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