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The developing history of dental chair.

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The developing history of dental chair.

Dental chair plays an important role in the medical field, it can be said that the current medical treatment has been inseparable from the dental chair, so do you know the developing history of a  dental chair?Today let's take a look at the developing history of a dental chair.

The following knowledge points are listed below

  • Developing history of dental chair

  • Structure of modern dental chair

  • The future of the dental chair


Dental chair is for oral surgery and oral disease examination and treatment.lets learn about The developing history of dental chair.


1.  developing history of dental chair

It has been more than 300 years since the bow drill was used in the 17th century, the clockwork semay ay dental drill in the 18th century, and the treadle dental drill came into being in the mid-19th century.The first no special dental chair, but with the ordinary chair, or the ordinary chair slightly modified as a dental chair.In 1790 a slightly modified dental chair was introduced, equipped with a fixed head rest and right armrest.In 1875, there was a hand-operated dental chair, which could change the position of patients.In the early 20th century, the oil pump dental chair appeared, which was quickly popularized and continues to this day.


 2.  Structure of modern dental chair

Modern dental chair is to point to hydraulic pressure or electric dental chair commonly, use computer board control, in order to carry dental patient and can change the body position of the medical equipment.The structure of dental chair can be generally divided into the base, lifting device, pitching device, headrest, backrest, seat cushion, armrest and electrical control, and so on.According to its connection with dental treatment table, it can be divided into machine chair coupling and split, machine chair coupling can be divided into airborne chair type and chair type;There are also three folding dental chairs.In real life, there are also a lot of people in the dental comprehensive treatment machine and dental chair collectively referred to as dental chair.The combination of machine and chair and split dental comprehensive therapeutic equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. When the dental chair rises and falls, it can keep the operation lamp, instrument disc, spittoon and so on synchronized with the occupant and keep the relative position stable.But the split type dental comprehensive treatment machine in the transportation, handling, installation has an advantage, and the dental patients in the change of body position, the operation lamp, instrument plate, etc. will not shake.


3. The future of the dental chair

Along with the rapid increase of people's living standard, people will only to oral health, beauty is more and more attention, which leads to the market demand for dental chair must also will be more and more big, moreover, with the progress of science and technology, the support of the policy environment, capital investment, diagnosis and treatment of beautification, predictably, in the near future, dental chair products will also from low-end to high-end in transition, the market outlook remains vast.The development of dental chair in the future, should insist "with the person this", design makes the product that has comfortable, safe, fast, comprehensive characteristic, pay attention to the requirement of sanitation, environmental protection direction even, use new technology, new material to eliminate wholesome hidden trouble, prevent oral cavity to cross infection.

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