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What are the parts of a dental chair ?

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What are the parts of a dental chair ?

For patients and dentists, the dental chair is one of the most important parts of every dental department. What are the main USES of the dentist chair? What parts does the complete dental chair equipment include?


The main use of dental chair

What are the parts of a complete dental chair?

How to use the dental chair correctly?


The main use of dental chair

As the name suggests, regardless of the specific type of dental hair, there is only about one place where you will find these devices in the dentist's office and used to assist dentists with examinations, removals, and oral surgery. To do this, dental chairs can have a variety of accessories on the chairs themselves or on the Dental Engine that are constantly being used: spitting bowls, straws, pneumatic tubes, powered surgeries for cleaning and cleaning devices of all kinds. Modern dental chair equipment is made of metal and plastic and is often infused with antibacterial ingredients to minimize the risk of infection, especially with a thin back that allows the dentist to sit on a stool behind the patient for easy access.

What are the parts of a complete dental chair?

1. Each chair consists of a seat, a headrest, a back and armrests. The chair can be a standard traditional dental chair or kneading chair (7 series). Some factors to consider when choosing a quality chair are that it is adjustable, rigid, made of quality materials and ergonomic. In this case, the minimum height of the chair is 400mm, and it has a multi-hinged head, which can be moved by controlling the pedal and keyboard.

2. The spittoon is a container placed next to the dentist chair, so you can rinse and salivate during this process. In this case, the spittoon cup was made of porcelain and could be moved and autocladed. To this end, we add that the faucet is removable, so it can be cleaned in an easier way.

3. An aspirator is a small tube for sucking saliva that accumulates in the mouth or in small cavities. If right-handed, the suction system and spittoon are placed on the left side of the chair, and if left-handed, vice versa.

4. Pedals in dental equipment are used to activate the rotation of different instruments, such as adjusting a chair or activating water in a water group. In the SD 150 model, the pedal is progressive and the micromotor is controlled by a potentiometer.

5. Instrument tray is one of the most necessary and useful tools for every professional. The equipment tray contains all the equipment the dentist needs to use. Every professional works in a different way. Some professionals prefer continental systems or whips, others prefer hanging hoses or trolleys.

6. Finally, we completed a tour of dental equipment parts with lighting. Lighting in the mouth is another essential element of all dental equipment. It is a high-intensity lamp that focuses the entire beam of light on the patient's mouth, making it work properly. Find your lamp among the most popular lamps among dentists.


How to use the dental chair correctly?

Proper placement of the dental assistant in the dental assistant stool is critical. This reduces fatigue, contributes to visibility in the dental field, and makes it easier to access items needed for dental surgery. The stool itself has a simple and direct part. It is designed for comfort and provides stability and mobility at work. The coverings are durable and can be easily disinfected between patients. The abdominals can be adjusted for back support or abdominal support. There is a foot brace at the bottom of the stool to support the foot.


When dental assistants are seated, their heads are four to six inches taller than the dentist's. This can be adjusted using the height lever under the seat. This improves visibility. The dental assistant will sit - facing the patient's head, with hips and thighs parallel to the patient's shoulders, and hips and thighs level with the floor. Good posture is essential for the comfort and efficiency of dental assistants. Because sometimes dental assistants are fixed during lengthy procedures. The mobile cart can then be placed within it to secure various dental instruments and dental materials. With the proper placement of the dental stool, the dental assistant can work smoothly and efficiently as a team with the dentist.


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