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What are the types of endodontic files?

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What are the types of endodontic files?

Dental hospitals need to use many kinds of tools in the treatment of patients, among which endodontic files play an important role. There are also many types of endodontic files, and different endodontic files have different functions in them. This article will introduce several of them.


This article contains the following:

H file round

K file square

C Reciproc file

Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated


1. H file round:

(1) The h file is very similar to the tail of a mouse. Some people call it the du rat tail file. Its cutting ability is very strong. Therefore, it is generally used for up and down pulling.

(2) How to use: Pull up and down for cutting, and do not rotate as much as possible.


2. K file square:

(1) Used to open very small and curved root canals.

(2) The triangular cross section has better elasticity than the traditional K.

(3) No cutting tip and no transition angle, avoid bending the shoulder and perforation of the root canal.

(4) With yellow stopper.

(5) Stainless steel, 6 sizes (015-040).


3. C Reciproc file:

(1) The special alloy treatment process effectively solves the defect of insufficient rigidity of the small file tip.

(2) The hardness of the 3mm part of the tip is higher, which is several times the hardness of the tip of the same file, and it is easy to dredge the calcified root canal.

(3) The rear part of the file has good flexibility and can smoothly descend in the direction of the root canal wall.

(4) It is divided into five models of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and two lengths of 21 and 25mm. It is suitable for establishing straight channels for all root canals. There are mixed 6,8,10.

(5) Pioneer file root canal treatment tool, and VDW Pioneer file has excellent toughness, is a classic among all brands of Pioneer file.


4. Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated

The Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated with memory shape is comfortable to operate, can rotate along the center of the root canal, evenly cut the root canal wall, maintain the original shape of the root canal (adaptive motion), no apical pull, Lateral penetration and other root canal preparation complications. Due to the soft material of Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated, the inner and outer walls of the root canal are continuously cut at the same time. One third of the root apex follows the original anatomy of the root canal to avoid the formation of steps, offsets, lateral penetration, or root apex pull.

1. According to the doctor's clinical needs, different root canal shapes, each file has a different design. The design of each device conforms to the principles of mechanics.

2. Increase of torque resistance

In the design of machine files, the increasing resistance to cyclic fatigue is usually inseparable from the consideration of the torque strength.

3. Super cutting power

Sharp edges, can cut more effectively, and remove debris from the root canal to a large extent.

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