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What is a dental chair?

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What is a dental chair?

Dental chair is one of the most essential equipment in dental clinic, and it is also directly related to the treatment activities. Do you really know dental chair ? Let us learn some knowledge about dental chair .

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1. Definition of dental chair

2. Working principle of dental chair:

3.Classification and function of dental chair



1. Definition of dental chair:

Dental chair is for oral surgery and oral disease examination and treatment.Use dynamic more dental chair, its main structure is divided into eight parts: 1. The bottom 2. Stent 3. Seat 4. 5. The back of the chair armrest 6. Head holds 7. Head holds button 8. Control switch. The machine fixed on the ground floor, and through the bracket will bottom connected to the top of the dental chair, dental chair action is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair, its working principle is: the starter motor and control switch drive mechanism, make corresponding parts to produce mobile dental chair.According to the needs of treatment, the control switch is pressed and twisted, and the dental chair can complete the movements of rising, falling, bending, leaning and resetting.

2. Working principle of dental chair

The control switch starts the motor and drives the transmission mechanism to make the corresponding parts of the dental chair move.According to the needs of treatment, the control switch is pressed and twisted, and the dental chair can complete the movements of rising, falling, bending, leaning and resetting.Treatment table is the doctor's workbench, it mainly by the control panel, foot switch, rack switch, high speed turbine mobile phone, low speed pneumatic mobile phone, three spray gun, gargle water supply, spittoon device and so on.When air and water from the ground box enter the equipment connected to the first side in the diverter valve, to supply separately by the diverter valve lead to weak absorption of electromagnetic valve solenoid valve, water glass plate and six points gas flux and equipment in the water, gas and water by the strong and weak absorb electromagnetic valve through strength derivation generator to strength straws, when weak straw from hanging rack picked up after, mounts the switch is opened by weak absorption circuit board strength vacuum electromagnetic valve, so that the water gas quickly through the weak form negative pressure suction generator for use by the suction salivary as a doctor.

In order to better serve our customers and reflect our professional level, we should understand the procedures of dental chair operation.  


 3.Classification and function of dental chair

The comprehensive dental chair is composed of the patient chair, the doctor position, the nurse position, the foot position, the operation lamp, the side box and the floor box.The patient seat has two kinds of electric and manual control, the electric power part has screw drive type, electric hydraulic type and belt drive type.Manual control mainly uses foot pressure to control seat position.The treatment equipment is mainly composed of high speed mobile phone, low speed mobile phone (pneumatic or electric), three-use airbrush, saliva aspirator, automatic water supply device, appliance tray, shadowless lamp, X-ray viewer lamp, tooth cleaning machine, light curing machine (usually optional), sputum bowl and dental chair, water and electricity control parts.The principle of action is mostly to control the water, electricity work, tooth extraction, insert teeth, repair teeth and clean teeth and other oral diseases treatment.

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