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What is a dental handpiece?

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What is a dental handpiece?

Dental handpiece is an important medical instrument and plays a vital role in medical treatment.This article focuses on definition,classification,working principle and advantages of dental handpiece , can help people  learn what a dental handpiece is .

The following knowledge points are listed below:

1 Definition  of  dental handpiece

2 Classification of dental handpiece

3 Working principle of dental handpiece

4 Advantages of using dental handpiece


When you see the word mobile phone, the first and only picture in your mind is the boxy communication smart phone.How can a cell phone have anything to do with dentistry?What is a dental handpiece ?Today let's learn knowledge about what a  dental handpiece is.

1.Definition  of  dental handpiece

Dental handpiece is the most common dental clinical treatment, due to its close contact in the process of treatment of patients with saliva, blood, fluid of gingival sulcus and dental plaque, its surface and inside the nose turbine components and pipe after use may be different levels of pathogenic microorganism pollution, so it belongs to one of the most dangerous types of cross infection clinically, must undergo processing.

2.Classification of dental handpiece

Dental handpiece is divided into high-speed dental handpiece and low-speed dental handpiece. High-speed dental handpiece also known as high speed mobile phone, high speed pneumatic turbine mobile phone, dental drill mobile phone, etc., is a commonly used medical equipment in the department of stomatology treatment.Its working principle is to compress the air as the power, drive the wind wheel to rotate at high speed, so as to drive the dental car needle to complete the work of drilling and grinding the tooth.The speed of the   high-speed dental handpiece reaches more than 300,000 RPM, which is mainly used for treatment and repair (such as drilling holes and cutting). Low-speed dental handpieceis divided into straight machine and bending machine, the straight machine is used for polishing, is in the treatment of the mouth, bending machine is the treatment of the mouth.

3.Working principle of dental handpiece

The working principle of dental handpiece is similar to that of windmill. The flowing air with certain pressure enters the stoma along the main airway, and the high-speed airflow generates thrust on the blades of the wind wheel, so that the wind wheel drives the mandrel to rotate at a high speed, and the continuous airflow makes the wind wheel rotate at a constant speed.The car needle is held by the mandrel, and the mandrel is tightly connected with the wind wheel, so the rotation of the wind wheel drives the car needle to rotate synchronously, to cut the tooth body to remove caries and bad tissue, or to prepare porcelain teeth, can also be used to polish the denture (but not too much force, otherwise it will damage the dental handpiece), after the work of the residual air out of the phone.

4.Advantages of using dental handpiece

The teeth are located in the oral cavity, where a variety of pathogens can breed easily. The most important thing for dental equipment is to prevent cross-infection. Dental handpiece also want to by a professional development and production of medical equipment production company, in order to avoid cross infection in dental procedure, so has been advocating a people used to use. But due to the disinfection process trival, cost is high, easy to cause damage in the process of disinfection disinfection, traditional dental handpiece prices high, tooth disease patients, such as more dental medical institutions commonly so it is difficult to do one just one use it.Domestic existing company has developed new disposable dental handpiece, new disposable dental handpiece is small, large torque, more easy to control and manipulation, all components combined with unified standard size, flexible configuration meet the personalized needs, unique design of double anti back to absorb from the beginning to the end of security, prevent cross infection, a new design of the single point water efficient atomization structure, the safety lock, sole invention design, to ensure that destroyed after using, low noise, one-time safe use, let every dental patients are relieved to see teeth, don't have to worry about the infection of hepatitis a, hepatitis b, syphilis, AIDS and cancer iatrogenic cross infection, is worth promoting.

Dental handpiece is very important for dental treatment and maintenance. If you need a high quality and low price dental handpiece, please contact us.

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