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What is endodontic file?

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What is endodontic file?

The main endodontic file tools described in this article are barbed broach and peeso reamer


This article contains the following:

  • What is barbed broach

  • What is pulpectomy

  • What is peeso reamer

  • How to distinguish between root canal file and peeso reamer


1.What is barbed broach

barbed broach is a common surgical instrument in the process of pulping. Pulp extraction is an important step in root canal treatment. In general, the process of pulp extraction is the most difficult and the most prone to problems during pulp extraction. Dental pulp remains, resulting in a poor prognosis.


2.What is pulpectomy


Dental pulpectomy, first anesthetize the affected tooth; remove humus, expose the roof of the pulp chamber; dampen, wipe the affected tooth with iodine tincture, clean the cavity, and measure the length of the tooth according to the X-ray film. The actual length of the tooth is the ratio of the actual length of the instrument to the length of the instrument on the X-ray film multiplied by the length of the tooth on the X-ray film. Generally, when preparing the root canal, the instrument reaches the root canal at a distance of 1 mm from the apex of the root, where the length of the crown or the occlusal surface is the working length. When the depth of the root canal is inserted into the root canal with a depth of about 2/3, the barbed broach is rotated to wrap the dental pulp tissue around the barbed broach, and then the barbed broach is extracted to extract the dental pulp. Generally, root canal filling is performed after pulp extraction, root canal preparation, cleaning and disinfection, but for the affected teeth with percussion before pulp extraction, or bleeding after pulp extraction, or the pulp is not formed, after repeated file expansion The root canal needs to be sealed with disinfectant inside the root canal. The follow-up is asymptomatic. The root canal should be cleaned before filling. Then use zinc phosphate cement powder to fill the bottom, silver mercury or composite resin. During the operation, attention should be paid to the instruments and root canal fillers not to exceed the apical hole, aseptic operation, and small instruments to prevent breaking or slipping into the gastrointestinal tract or falling into the trachea. Prevent the formation of lateral canal penetration or steps.


3.What is peeso reamer

The root canal enlargement needle is composed of a handle and a needle body. The root canal enlargement needle head is made of 3Cr13Mo material in GB1220-75. There are two kinds of handles: AISI 430F stainless steel, ISOCuNi Zn39Mn2Pb3 copper nickel zinc alloy. This product is a reusable surgical instrument.


4.How to distinguish between root canal file and peeso reamer

The peeso reamer has strong cutting ability and deep penetration, and the formed root canal wall is smooth, suitable for penetrating the root canal and cutting the side wall, but it is easy to form steps or side penetration in the curved root canal. The root canal file has a strong lifting and cutting force and is not easy to break. It is used to bend the root canal and it is not easy to penetrate sideways. It is suitable for root canals with irregular ellipses or irregular shapes. Generally speaking, the two should be used alternately. Straight root canals should be expanded first, and curved root canals should be filed first and then used alternately.

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