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When is it better to use endodontic file?

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When is it better to use endodontic file?

The endodontic file is one of the dental tools that play an important role in oral treatment. When do you need an endodontic file? What are the tips to pay attention to when using endodontic files?


What is the purpose of using endodontic files?

Techniques to prevent the pulp file from breaking

In conclusion


What is the purpose of using endodontic files?

1. The shape of the main root canal should resemble a continuous conical funnel from orifice to root tip

2. The diameter of the cross-section of the main pipe is narrowed at every point

3. Root canal preparation should follow the shape of the original root canal

4. The original position of the top hole should be retained

5. The top opening should retain its original size as much as possible to limit the endodontic file to the limits of the root itself

6. Prevent necrotic fragments from entering the root tissue

7. Remove all organic tissues from the main and lateral extent of the root canal system

8. By preserving enough circumferential dentin for the teeth to function at the same time, it creates enough space for irrigation and medication


Techniques to prevent the pulp file from breaking

1. Do not insert the endodontic file into a dry canal, and to ensure that the pulp cavity is immersed in the sodium hypochlorite, rubber dam tooth isolation is necessary. The fragments are kept in a fluid suspension (in theory), and sodium hypochlorite acts as a lubricant.

2. Coronary pre-expansion and the use of hand files to form a sliding path from the root canal to the entire working length of the root canal are the main factors to reduce the fracture rate of NiTi instruments. The gliding path creates a guiding path for the tip of the NiTi rotating instrument, allowing it to reach the entire working length safely. It is sufficient to prepare the sliding path of 15-20 stainless steel hand files.

3. Before attempting to obtain the entire working length of the sliding path, if it is not possible to obtain a sufficient straight path to the root canal, it will easily lead to excessive instrument stress and cause separation of the NiTi large taper rotary file instrument and the hand file instrument.

4. Slight apical pressure and brief instrument use, as well as continuous pecking motion, may help prevent Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated breakage. Never push NiTi rotary files or manual files into the canal.

5. When bent, partially fatigued instruments will show fractures related to surface defects, and long-term use of rotating NiTi instruments will greatly reduce their cyclic bending fatigue strength. However, the number of rotary nickel-titanium instruments used will depend on many variables, including the nature of the instruments, root canal morphology, and the skill of the operator.

6. During instrument insertion, the instrument is cleaned to remove debris. The use of pulp sponge (SybronEndo) helps to remove debris, thereby avoiding debris from accumulating on the file, and refilling the filing groove between individual instruments with debris.

7. Check the instrument during the insertion process. Check whether the hand file and Niti taper file are loosened during the treatment. The Niti taper file may fracture spontaneously, with no signs of bending fatigue.

8. Root canal configuration Dental instruments with complex root canal anatomy may cause torsion failure. If the instrument is accidentally inserted into the isthmus of the root canal (between or out of the root canal), it cannot be visualized. In these cases, careful diagnosis and treatment planning are essential.

9. Larger endodontic files are more prone to bending fatigue than smaller diameter instruments. Therefore, be careful when pre-bending large diameter hand-held files. However, instruments with larger diameters have higher resistance to torsional damage.

10. Electropolishing can eliminate or reduce the number and extent of surface defects. Data shows that the surface of Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated is smoother, which can make the instrument stronger and more resistant to fracture.


In conclusion

The endodontic file is mainly used in root canal treatment and is one of the most important tools for dentists. If you are looking for a high-quality endodontic file at a reasonable price, Osakadent Co.,Ltd. will provide you with the best products.


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