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Which endodontic file is the best?

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Which endodontic file is the best?

Root canal treatment is the main treatment method for dental pulp disease and periapical disease, in which root canal preparation is one of the key factors that determine the success or failure of root canal treatment, and the effect of root canal preparation is largely related to the selection of a suitable root canal Preparation of equipment. So which instrument is the best endodontic file?



What is root canal preparation?

Which is the best root canal file?


1.What is root canal preparation?

First, let's first understand the root canal preparation. The purpose of root canal preparation includes root canal cleaning and root canal shaping. Root canal cleaning refers to the use of suitable endodontic files, including H file, K file, and some tools such as Pesso reamer, barbed broach, completely remove all contents and infectious substances in the root canal system, including mechanical removal and chemical drugs Rinse, dissolve and disinfect. Root canal shaping refers to the use of mechanical methods to form the root canal from the apex of the apex to the root canal gradually increasing the inner diameter of the root canal shape, with a certain degree of taper, to facilitate the thorough cleaning of the root canal and the filling material formed in the root canal Three-dimensional strict filling.


2.Which is the best root canal file?

The root canal treatment instrument for the above operations is the endodontic file. In the selection of endodontic files, many people may think that a harder file is more convenient and time-saving. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, because the root canal is sometimes curved. If you use a harder file, it is easy to cause steps and side wear. Or the root tip is pulled apart to cause failure, so you need to choose a file with a certain elasticity. The file with good elasticity is easier to enter the curved root canal, without root compression, the doctor is easier to operate, the comfort is high, and the hand fatigue is reduced, which not only protects the doctor, but also ensures better treatment quality.

In recent years, nickel-titanium root canal preparation instruments, such as Niti Protaper Gold heat-activated, Niti Protaper Blue heat-activated, etc., have developed the most because of their good flexibility, forming ability, and unique memory performance.

The endodontic file made of nickel-titanium alloy is a new type of nickel-titanium file made by twisting technology in recent years, and has the characteristics that other files do not have. Each screw pitch is not equidistant, so that when the root canal is removed by the file, the phenomenon of penetration and steps can be avoided, and it is easier for the doctor to control. Ordinary nickel-iron files, the handle is usually made of copper, so that the handle is easily corroded by galvanic, and instruments like TF files, all from the handle to the file are made of nickel-iron, so although the cost has increased, you do not have to worry about the file will be corroded . The nickel-titanium material after safe heat treatment and twist forming can buffer the excessive torque of the outside world and greatly reduce the needle breakage rate. It is 70% more elastic than other nickel-titanium instruments, and is particularly suitable for those root canals that are clinically difficult to bend or narrow.


In summary, in the root canal treatment, you must choose the appropriate endodontic file, which can not only make the doctor's operation easier, and ensure good treatment quality, but also shorten the patient's treatment process and build a good Doctor-patient relationship.


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